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I work as a full-time Realtor with many years of experience. When listing your home with me, not only will you save thousands of dollars in commissions, but you will also receive massive marketing exposure to out of County/State buyers, to add of course your property will be featured on all major syndicates such as Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin, Facebook, Instagram etc,. I’ll also provide professional real estate photography photos with video tours. My services are GUARANTEED, and you may cancel if you’re not satisfied!

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“Get In Where You Fit In!”

During my many years of working as a professional Real Estate Agent, I have encountered many buyers and folks in general with higher than qualified expectations. Meaning, when many receive that actual “Approval Letter” and it’s not rendering the anticipated loan amount or finance terms desired or hoped for, many buyers become somewhat discouraged as they feel this potentially, or ideally limits their purchase options to buy in the desired areas hoped for. Many even decide to not move forward at all, or make statements such as “I’m going to wait for the market to crash!”

As a Realtor and trusted advisor, I want to remind you of something. Prior to receiving that pre-approval letter in which you worked so diligently to acquire, you were renting. Now, God has blessed you with the option to now purchase your own home. Please be mindful that the first home may not be your dream home, but neither was the rental property you invested thousands into either. Instead, I’d like for you to change your thinking for a moment. Consider the option of just purchasing a piece of property. Reminding yourself that the thousands you spent on rent is now being utilized on a property that could one day be completely yours! This also opens up the opportunity for you to later rent your present property, and or/utilize the equity to either purchase that more desirable dream home you hoped for. Either way just remember, owning puts you in a much better financial position in the long haul. And no matter how you decide, just “Get In Where You Fit In!”

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